Oct 12 2011

It’s probably a boy!

Today we have been for the 20 week “anatomy scan”, once again Mrs SomeBeans was invited to fill her bladder before attending the clinic for an ultrasound scan (pictures to be found at the end of this post), a scheme whereby good timekeeping is important.

Strangely we found the images less easy to interpret than those in the dating scan, much more internal structure of the brain, the heart and so forth is visible but the overview is less clear. I don’t know whether it was simply the bedside manner of the sonographer but this scan seemed much more business-like than the last one.

This time I took care to check out the model number of the ultrasound scanner, it was a GE Voluson E8. Alongside the ordinary scans shown below, we also saw Doppler shift scans: an overlay in blue and red which shows the flow of blood through the heart.

Finally, the sonographer suggested that it’s probably a boy. I feel this places on me a great responsibility to act as a role-model!




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