Aug 19 2011


Sharon (aka @happymouffetard, or my wife Mrs Hopkinson) is pregnant! Working title for the new member of the family is Beetle. Below you can see images from the dating scans, the due date is 21st February. In real life Beetle had a bit of a thrash around and demonstrated various bits of anatomy. 




Technically @happymouffetard is described as “Geriatric Primigravida”


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  1. Michael Power

    Congratulations to you and Mrs Hopkinson. I will be delighted and surprised if your “laat lammertjie” (late lamb) arrives as predicted on my birthday.

    @beetle has been taken: does that mean we will see a new twitternym of @SomeMoreBeans?

  2. KJHaxton

    Congratulations! I love the labels on the top scan pic to point out the head!

  3. Ian

    @Michael – someone suggested @happybeans. I guess the due date is a wild stab in the dark type thing ;-)

    @kjhaxton the operator added that, I resisted asking if I could have a go ;-) In real life Beetle moved around an awful lot so the labels weren’t really necessary

  4. Bill Pearson

    Despite the fact that my wife says it’s people that don’t get pregnant that should be congratulated, congratulations to you both. May all your problems be little ones….

    1. HappyMouffetard

      Thanks Bill x

  5. Clare D

    Congratulations! Wonderful news. We had a similar happy event on February 21st many years ago. Highly recommended.

    1. Ian

      Thanks! We’ll let you know how close the estimated date was when it happens!

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    […] we found the images less easy to interpret than those in the dating scan, much more internal structure of the brain, the heart and so forth is visible but the overview is […]

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