Dec 22 2010

Christmas Calendar 2010

For the past few years I’ve been making my own calendars, as a Christmas present. As best I can I use photos taken in the stated month. This year half of them are taken by Mrs SomeBeans and half by me.

00 Cover Caiman lizard

The cover image – A Caiman Lizard, living at Chester Zoo

01 January Home

January – our house in the snow, and the dark – a small amount of white balance fiddling required to reduce the orange cast from the sodium street lights.

02 February Westendorf

February – ski-ing in Westendorf in the Austrian Tyrol

03 March Hellebore

March – A hellebore, Mrs SomeBeans will have taken this one

04 April Sandstone

April – some sandstone from the Sandstone trail, this will be from close to Frodsham.

05 May Allium and bee

May – Allium and a bee, bees are difficult to photo because they move around so much


June – The bark of the Strawberry tree

07 - July - Lilac-breasted roller

July – A lilac-breasted roller at Chester Zoo, a photograph from a works day out

08 August Trentham

August – A building at Trentham Gardens – for some reason this makes me think of India

09 September Helenium

September – Helenium, Mrs SomeBeans making good use of the macro lens she allowed me to buy!

10 - October Gilded water buffalo

October – A gilded water-buffalo at Biddulph Grange, every garden needs one

11 - November Witch hazel leaves

November – Witch hazel leaves taking their autumn colour

12 - December By the Shropshire Union Canal

December – Frost, fog and weak sun by the Shropshire Union Canal


  1. The Gentleman Administrator

    Great photos, and a great idea using them in your own calendar. The bee one is particularly lovely.

  2. SomeBeans

    Thanks – I believe Mrs SomeBeans responsible for the bee photo!

    I started doing this for a skiing website, doing the first designs in PowerPoint and going directly to a commercial print company. These days I get them done at Snapfish (other online photo printing companies are available!). I suppose the family might want to see pictures of Mrs SomeBeans and I but we don't like being photoed!

  3. Laura

    This is a really lovely idea, and some fabulous photos. July is my favourite. Thank you for sharing with us :-)

  4. LadyCrafthole

    What a lovely archive of your life if you do it every year. Beautiful pictures. Lovely idea :-)

  5. SomeBeans

    @Laura @ladycrafthole thank you both! I enjoy looking through all the photos for the year – I haven't got the stamina for the "photo a day" things.

  6. Julia

    These are lovely! And what a good idea.

  7. The Virtual Victorian

    Just gorgeous – particularly love the lizard and the bee.

  8. SomeBeans

    @Julia – thanks! modern technology makes it easy to do

    @TheVirtualVictorian – I like photographing lizards, they don't move around too much!

  9. Phil

    Your picture of the Trentham Gardens building makes me think of India too. Lovely photos – aprticularly like thes 'texture' ones; the sandstone, the bark.

  10. SomeBeans

    @Phil – it's the joys of digital photography – I was useless with film, used to take me months to finish one!

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