Dec 28 2009

A walk along the Shropshire Union Canal

Yesterday the weather was so evil, cold and wet, that we scarcely left the house all day – cabin fever set in. This morning things were looking rather better, cold and frosty, but a little hazy – so we set off for a walk along the Shropshire Union Canal which passes close by. In the summer I cycled along the canal for a week, on my way to work, and saw a couple of kingfishers. No kingfishers today, but we saw a heron, a fox leaping through undergrowth and heard the distant roar of a lion at Chester Zoo.

Some photos:


  1. The Virtual Victorian

    Fantastic pictures!

  2. Clare Dudman

    Just what I was going to say – particularly the fungi in the ivy. Such unexpected colour!

  3. SomeBeans

    The mist was great for taking photos!

    Loads of fungi around, a bit surprised that the canal was mostly frozen over – considered trying a photo of the pretty patterns but they're very difficult to get right.

  4. Rothschild Orchid

    Simply stunning. The new blog layout really shows them off too.

    Looks like a magical walk.

    RO :o)

  5. SomeBeans

    You wouldn't believe how long it took me to get the header image to that size!

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