Nov 18 2009

Wordless Wednesday


  1. Rothschild Orchid

    How rude! I just wasn't prepared for that whilst I was munching my chocolate olivers and slurping tea…

    Nice shot ;o)

  2. SomeBeans


    As you may have read before, HappyMouffetard was unhappy that I didn't kill them after photographing them: http://bit.ly/34TWfR
    … it just seemed wrong!

    I think they're a fabulous colour, it was dark where they were "doing their business", so I had to set the aperture on the camera very wide, which means the depth of field is not as deep as I'd want: Some of their legs and antennae are out of focus.

  3. Rothschild Orchid

    *whispering incase the angry mob hears me*

    I love their colour, beetles are such marvelous creatures. You picked up some really nice detail on their elytra too.

    I'm not sure I could have killed them either, but then I don't have lilies that have been munched! Although I did once go on an angry rampage whacking slugs with a large stick. I won't be doing it again. It took me ages to wash the splash back out of my hair :o(

  4. SomeBeans

    There's physics in beetles too, very white beetles: http://bit.ly/3mSiN4

    I was impressed by the colouration of the Darwin beetles on BBC1 Life this week, but I thought they could do with some work on their social skills.

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